Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sean's Camping Party

So my little man Sean turned 8 a little over a week ago and to celebrate his birthday this year we had a camping party. Now anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a camper, but cute backyard camping is something I can totally get into! Here is Sean sitting in front of his "campfire."
My husband Derrick made these little tents for the kids to hang out in. They were very popular! We had his friends over in the evening to watch a movie, so you see the movie screen in the back.
Isn't this just the cutest cake?! I found some inspiration from some cakes online and had this cake made for Sean. And that's Luke, our golden retriever, next to him!
In addition to the cake we had a S'Mores Bar - because what's a campout without some s'mores?
And here I am with the birthday boy :)


  1. happy birthday, and the campsite looks great,
    greetings Judith

  2. You are just so creative in many ways! How cute for the boys.Just love your designs too!

  3. happy birthday..campsite is looking so beautiful..
    and the most cutest cake..i love it so much..
    beautiful pictures.
    love and hugs xx

  4. What a fun birthday party...Happy belated Birthday Sean!

  5. Your parties are always the BEST! :)
    S'mores bar...that's my kinda bar!

  6. What an amazing party planner you are, Nikki! I love it all! Your Sean is a handsome guy--Happy Birthday to Sean!

  7. Aren't you the clever one! I'm sure "and a good time was had by all".

  8. Love, love, love this party idea!!! How fun!! Happy Birthday Sean!!!

  9. Happy Birthday to your son! This is a fantastic party theme! I just love the cake and the idea of the S'Mores bar!

  10. What a cute theme for a party! I love the tent, the cake, and the smores bars. Sean sure looks happy.

    Happy birthday, Sean!

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  12. Really liked your idea of camping birthday party. Want to arrange it for my little niece at one of apt venues in San Francisco which would have facilities for camping party. All her friends will attend it, so want to make it truly enjoyable.


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