Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sean's Star Wars Party

As I had mentioned in my previous post, Sean's birthday was the kickoff to a very busy month for us. So I am just now getting around to sharing some pictures with you. Sean is a huge Star Wars fan, and so for his 7th birthday we decided to have a Lego Star Wars Party. I borrowed some really cool ideas from people off the internet and we came up with some stuff ourselves. We made Yoda Soda (green punch), Wookie Cookies, Death Star Donuts, and Pretzel Lightsabers (pictured above). The party turned out wonderfully and the kids had a blast! Derrick created the R2-D2 out of a trash can and some foam - pretty cool huh?

This is a picture of the kids in their costumes. Don't you just love baby Andrew as Yoda?!

Derrick created very large Luke and Darth Vader Lego characters. He's very artistic, that hubby of mine.

Derrick also made the Death Star Pinata and Lightsaber pinata stick.

Here are Sean, Juliet and Luke (with his lightsaber!) in the landspeeder that Derrick constructed.


  1. OH my gosh Nikki! What a party!!!!! Derrick is quite the creative, talented guy just as well as you are!! Two creative minds! WOW!! Great pictures!!!!!

  2. VERY cool! This will be a party he remembers for ever.

  3. Okay, I'm having a star wars party in a week, and found your site. So cute!!! how did you do the backdrop, and star wars logo? and how did you do the light saber pretzels?

  4. Thanks Carrie!

    The lightsaber pretzels seemed to be a very popular idea when I was searching online. You take pretzel rods, dip them in melted white candy melts and then roll them in colored sugar. Then take small strips of aluminum foil and wrap them around the bottom to make the hilt.

    I purchased the backdrop from Party City. It was a huge roll (40 feet by 4 feet I think). I bought 2 of them and we put 8 foot stakes into the ground and stapled the backdrops (one on top of the other) to them.

    The Star Wars logo was painted on a thin piece of wood by my husband. He's very artistic as you can tell!

  5. My goodness to mercy! My little boys (well, not so little anymore they're 11) But when they were around 6-9 years old, they LIVED and BREATHED Star Wars...they could tell you the whole story even tell you which episode happens when, and to be honest I get confused on all that, starting in the middle of the trilogy stuff...Your birthday party and all parts of the decorations are fabulous Nikki! I'm behind (can you tell) but honestly, they are awesome!

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  7. Hi my name is Isela and I love what you did for your sons star wars party !!! my lil girl wants a lego star wars party as well and had a hard time finding do-it-yourself centerpieces and life size legos so that kids can take pics with. Would it be possible for you to tell me how you did the center pieces and the life size cut outs ? can you send me a closer picture of them i would like to try and attempt somthig similar for her. I appreciate any help I can get ! thank you!!!

  8. Isela . . . . Nikki is having trouble posting to blogger. Email her at


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