Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Little Cub Scout

So, I just have to tell you how proud I am of my little man, Sean. He is an official Cub Scout now! He just earned his Bobcat Badge last night, which is the first of many patches he will be earning. I am actually in awe of the number of achievments and patches that the boys can earn - I had no idea!
This is a picture of him selling popcorn in front of Sunflower Market. Popcorn is the Boy Scout equivalent of Girl Scout Cookies, which is to say their biggest fundraiser of the year.
He's really enjoying all the activities and just loves getting to wear his uniform. So cute!!


  1. I remember so well when my boys were in scouting. However here in Canada they sold apples in the fall rather than popcorn.

  2. Oh Nikki, He is a cutie pie!!! Looks like one of my darlings from the classroom.... I know you must be very proud~~~

  3. Hello Nikki,

    I've just discover your blog! I'm fan of you and your mother ans I stitched a lot of yours designs!
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    I'm Belgian but I live in Caracas/ Venezuela because my husband is diplomat at the belgian embassy.
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