Thursday, July 8, 2010

One of My Favorite Things

So, have you ever wondered about my blog list, and why all the party blogs? The answer is that I am obsessed! I love love love throwing parties (as anyone who knows me will attest to!) I love everything from the planning to the decorating, from the food to the music - and everything in between. That has to be why the Sweet Treats thread packs are one of my favorite designs. Any one of these treats look like they could show up as dessert at one of my parties. If only my cake decorating talents could match that of my stitching!


  1. Sweet Treats is special for me because it's the first piece I stitched for you! I just love it! And I've seen pictures of the parties you throw and they are the best I've ever seen!!!! You have a real talent there!!!

  2. I like parties...just don't like the clean-up!
    Looks delicious!!

  3. Hello Nikki.. :)
    I live in Korea. I falling in love your pattern..
    So I want to buy this thread pack for Sweet Treats'.

    How I can buy it?
    Please tell me how.. :)

    I look foward to your reply.
    Thank you!!

  4. kkmommy - The thread packs are available through local and online needlework shops. You can contact your shop to see if they have the packs, and if not they can order them through Crescent Colours. Thanks!


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